Searching for a change of job, or the opportunity of a new career path, is not the easiest of tasks, especially if you are not properly prepared. It’s a cut-throat world and candidates all over the country are searching, applying and being interviewed for jobs all the time. Being completely up to scratch and ready to embrace the opportunity when it presents itself is half the battle won and here at Corporate Resources we can help you make that big leap up to the next stage of your career.

Be Prepared

Each step of the recruitment process requires careful preparation in order for you to give yourself the best chances of being able to get in front of your potential new employer. Only then will they be able to see what makes you stand out from all the rest of the job candidates that they will interview.

CV writing is a critical thing to get right, having the right information displayed correctly and easy to refer to by employers is crucial. A polished CV reflects you as a person, get it right and you will give yourself a great opportunity to shine. When it comes to interview day careful preparation could be the key to that all important job offer. A great knowledge of the company you are visiting, how they work, what their history is and what their objectives are moving forward are all qualities that employers like to see; this all shows a pro-active attitude. Being smartly dressed also speaks volumes; it shows you take great pride in your appearance.

Lastly, be confident in yourself and comfortable with the attributes you can bring to the table, be ready to openly talk about your past achievements. The interview is your chance to showcase what you can bring to their business.

Stand out from the crowd

Don’t hold back on what you can divulge about yourself and your career to date. At the end of the day, the recruitment process is designed to get all potential candidates through the same recruitment process and the most likely to be recruited will display outstanding qualities or characteristics which set them apart from the crowd.

Interview tips

The interview process can be a daunting prospect for a lot of people. High pressure situations are dealt with differently by all of us. Dealing with the situation in the right way, and being able to still portray yourself in the best light possible, is the key to a great interview. Be confident, take your time and most importantly be yourself. Employers don’t like candidates who over-talk, who don’t elaborate enough or come across as arrogant. Be mindful of the situation you are in, showcase your knowledge and of course your real hunger and desire for the job role that is up for grabs!

What can Corporate Resources do for you?

We will ensure that we provide you with potential vacancies which meet with your individual specific career goals, skills, experience and salary expectations.  Whatever career requirements you have, just let us know, we will happily discuss the best move for you and help you find that perfect job.

Submit your CV to us today or give us a call and we will talk or meet with you. We will explore your individual skills and experience in order to then identify the right opportunities for you to be considered for.

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