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Corporate Resources – How we operate

Here at Corporate Resources our team has experience in the sectors that we specialise in, which for two reasons is vital in order to be successful in the recruitment industry.

Firstly, having working knowledge of the fields gives us the insight needed to understand the industry sector.

Secondly, we know what is required of any individual, to not only succeed in the sector, but also to become a positive staff member to any employer in their place of employment.

Potential Candidates

In the modern day, old techniques can sometimes not always be the most time or cost effective method of working, but here at Corporate Resources we believe that certain working practices produce the best result. Since the business started in 1999, this era was no-where near what it is today, with the internet not being anywhere near as powerful and useful as it is.

Our methods started by a lot of face-to-face communications which we still believe today are a vital tool to use. We will when appropriate meet our candidates which can allow us to gain a greater understanding of them as individuals. This can prove to be a huge positive when coming to placing them in the right place of employment.

Working with Clients

Just the same as when working with candidates we like to, whenever possible, meet with our clients so that we can gain a greater understanding of the other side of the recruitment process. Long lasting working relationships can become much stronger via face-to-face meetings.

We can gain a greater understanding of what the clients expect from candidates, the working environment of the company and also for our benefit, a greater knowledge of the company itself. This allows us to give a greater, detailed insight to potential candidates of what to expect and more importantly what the client expects.

The Recruitment Process

Being a family business, we take great care and pride in our work. We, as the agency, take on the task and responsibility of sourcing and offering high quality candidates to those job roles supplied to us. We ensure that we do as much homework as possible before supplying you with CV’s. We like to certify that our shortlisted candidates are the “pick of the bunch” which ensures that you don’t have to spend time and man hours trawling through CV’s. You can go straight to the interviews knowing that the candidates fit the job specification, requirements and needs of your business.

Recruitment is a resource and time intensive process that requires a keen eye for quality CV’s, a good judge of character and also experience to spot either highly credited candidates or the potential high flyers of the future. Our company has placed some key candidates into very important, high specification job roles, who have then gone onto much bigger and better things thanks to our experience and working methods.

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