Your CV and LinkedIn profile must be updated and accurate as essentially, these are the first things Hiring Managers, Talent Acquisition and Recruiters see. Creating a CV that highlights your professional experience and knowledge is the difference between being invited to an interview or an instant rejection. 

CV Advice 

A clear and concise CV is pivotal to any role you apply for. Realistically, an employer will scan the front page of your CV to determine whether your profile is suitable, so a comprehensible layout is essential to encapsulate the reader. 

Your CV should:

  • Be accurate – ensure your dates of employment are correct
  • Highlight your professional achievements clearly
  • Bullet point important information rather than tell a story in paragraphs 
  • Detail your most recent employment first and finish with your education, interests and references 
  • Be grammatically correct! Proof read your CV and ask someone else to do the same to ensure there are no errors


LinkedIn is the most popular platform for professionals to network and if utilised well, it can be a very useful tool in finding your next position. Your LinkedIn page is essentially your online profile so it is imperative that it is updated before you start your search.

Your LinkedIn profile should:

  • Match your CV – job titles and dates of employment as potential employers will cross reference the information 
  • Show a professional and clear photograph of yourself 
  • Summarise your goals and objectives in the “About” section 
  • Highlight key areas of your most recent positions 

Corporate Resources can assist with writing CV’s and creating LinkedIn profiles so please do contact us to discuss further.

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