Our primary objective at Corporate Resources is to source excellent candidates to then place into premium employment opportunities. Matching candidates to our clients available job opportunities is our foremost task. We take great care to ensure that we provide the highest possible standard of service expected both by our candidates but ultimately, by you, the client.

The Key is in the Process

If you have experienced the recruitment process in your place of work, then you will fully understand how time consuming and resource intensive the whole candidate selection process is. Having a sound knowledge of the job role, the client and their expectations is vitally important. This allows us to deliver the best job candidates, allowing our clients to be able to undertake the interview process without the need for any further work.

Providing only the best candidates

Experience and being a good judge of character, when combined with the right research, leads to quality work hungry candidates who will be an asset to your business. At Corporate Resources we like to get to know our candidates as much as possible to gain a greater picture of them as an individual and also to ensure they are the “right fit” for the potential job role you have on offer.

Qualities that we like to see in potential candidates

Certain characteristics are an essential requirement in potential candidates and at Corporate Resources we strive to find the people who ”ooze” these qualities.

  • A desire to improve their knowledge and thus further their value within your business or organisation, thereby boosting their Career Development Opportunities too.
  • Appreciation of the opportunity to be the best that they possibly can be within your organisation.
  • A personal desire to improve the world they operate in and, as a consequence, your business.
  • A “can do” attitude, making things happen.

What attracts candidates to your business?

Motivation is a huge part of any successful working environment. Attractive employment contracts, with effective motivational incentives, are a huge draw for potential candidates. When we speak with our clients regarding job vacancies we will endeavour to highlight anything that your company can offer to help boost your job adverts. This promotes greater interest in the role and could be the key to finding the right candidate, and also in getting them to become a huge asset to your business.

What does Corporate Resources offer to you as the client?

Corporate Resources offers you, the client, attractive, clear rebate periods with negotiable terms to secure a solid, clear  working relationship. Experience in our fields allows us to help identify good quality candidates. Careful perusal of your job specifications as well as candidate CV’s plus knowledge of you, the client, and your working practices will enable us to provide you with great results.

Corporate Resources is a well established family business which works collectively to bring you the best possible results with the most appropriate potential candidates. Wherever possible, we like to meet with our clients face to face as, although we believe in the modern era of internet and emails, a personal meeting is still a great tool in building working relationships.

With our resources and skills, finding the right candidates for you is our objective; let us help to grow your businesses to help make it even stronger.

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