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Corporate Resources has been established since 1999, in that time we have built many a good relationship with not only clients but candidates alike. Clients and candidates come back to us time after time, clients that want quality candidates to fill important roles and candidates that want to further their careers. Why; because we have been giving a good service to “both sides of the coin” for many years.

Corporate Resources was started by Ian Mason. Ian had a distinguished career in the Office Equipment and latterly in the Telecoms environment. From being in sales for numerous years he worked himself upwards to become Sales Director for a major Tier 1 Telecoms Carrier. Being disillusioned with corporate life he started Corporate Resources, because of his experience within the Telecoms Industry he started recruiting external sales people into the major Telecom providers. He quickly established the business as a “go to” company for Telecom clients and professional sales people alike. Helping companies build successful sales teams was his forte. Filling Sales Managers, Sales Directors and Managing Director roles quickly followed; at that point the business was truly established.

Although the Telecoms map has changed dramatically over the years through acquisition and companies disappearing, Corporate Resources has been at the forefront of the change and continued to thrive and even expanded to take in to account other roles clients may have vacancies in.

In summary, we have a track record of success. We build strong relationships with clients and candidates alike, so if you are a client looking to recruit or a candidate looking to further your career you need to get in touch so we can help.

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